Delaire Graff Summercourt Chardonnay 2019, excellent with Nina Timm’s Crispiest Sesame Chicken Strips…

Delaire Graff Summercourt Chardonnay 2019, a fine fingerprint of the 2019 vintage of Banghoek Chardonnay, grapes from an adjoining vineyard...

Landskroon Chenin Blanc 2019 – a pair of stars, both so good with Nina Timm’s Smoked Mackerel Fish Cakes with tangy Tartare Sauce…

Landskroon Chenin Blanc 2019 comes in two forms, a Dry and an Off Dry, both fit for purpose, both great quaffers and perfect with food...

Crush, 100 South African Wines to drink now #26, Waterkloof Circumstance Cape Coral 2019 Mourvèdre Rosé…

Waterkloof Circumstance Cape Coral 2019 Mourvèdre Rosé, a 'natural' wine made by Waterkloof Winemaker Nadia Barnard-Langenegger...

De Grendel Amandelboord Pinotage 2017, a stunner and so good with Nina Timm’s Pork Belly Kebabs…

De Grendel Amandelboord Pinotage 2017, is a fine expression of Pinotage and a fingerprint of the vintage by Founding Winemaker, Charles Hopkins...

Asara Vineyard Collection Shiraz 2015, June is a time to celebrate Venison with Nina Timm’s Venison Pie made with a Batter Blanky…

Asara Vineyard Collection Shiraz 2015 Asara Wine Estate lies in the folding hills of Polkadraai in the western side of the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation. These hills offer different soils, different aspects and different altitudes which make for interesting winemaking.  The grapes for the Asara Vineyard Collection Shiraz 2015 come from two vineyards. The higher of

Glen Carlou Merlot 2016, great partner to Nina Timm’s Risoni – Baked with the simple flavours of the Mediterranean…

One of the finer Merlots, Glen Carlou's little blackbird, the Glen Carlou Merlot 2016. Fine expression of the grape from this Paarl Wine Estate...

De Grendel Rubaiyat 2015, made for Nina Timm’s Fruity leg of Lamb

De Grendel Rubaiyat 2015, a Bordeaux style blend with grapes from Firgrove and De Grendel. Made at the request of the late Sir David Graaff of Charles Hopkins, Founding Cellarmaster to creat an iconic wine for the De Grendel Estate...

Oldenburg Vineyards Rhodium 2014, so good with Nina Timm’s Pork Cutlets with Hazelnuts & Sage

A sublime Merlot and Petit Verdot blend, the Oldenburg Vineyards Rhodium 2014 spends 20 months in French oak Barrels. Full rich and flavoursome this meaty savoury wine needs well flavoured food as the perfect partner. Nina Timm steps in with her Pork cutlets...

Boschendal Black Angus 2014, good with Nina Timm’s Beef Fillet stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and feta – 14.02.2018

Boschendal Black Angus 2014 Boschendal Black Angus 2014 is a recent release from the Boschendal Heritage Collection.  Boschendal Farm has a fine herd of pastured reared Black Angus Cattle, appropriate therefore that this fine blend should be named for them. With over 330 years since the granting of the land, this wine is one of

Douglas Green Chardonnay 2016 & Nina Timm’s Crispy Crunchy Buffalo Wings – 08.06.2017

Douglas Green Chardonnay 2016 When you walk away with a gold medal from the Chardonnay du Monde Competition in France, where you beard the lions in their den, you know you have a great bottle of wine. Chardonnay ripening on the vine And so, it is with the Douglas Green Chardonnay 2016. The grapes come

Perdeberg Vineyard Collection Malbec 2015 & Nina Timm’s Beef Shortribs with Pomegranate & Soy – 20.04.2017

Perdeberg Vineyard Collection Malbec 2015 Having been associated with Perdeberg Winery over the past few years, I have watched with great interest as premium ranges have appeared using selected grapes from their mostly bush vine vineyards. The vineyards are dry land farm meaning that they have no access to water. This in turn means smaller

De Grendel Winifred 2016 & Nina Timm’s Pickled Fish Salad – 12.04.2017

De Grendel Winifred 2016 The beauty of De Grendel Estate is not only in the perfect slopes, the excellently cared for vineyards, the architecturally pleasing buildings, the fine food served by Chef Ian Bergh in the De Grendel Restaurant, The Wine Club, but that it is such a short distance from the city centre and

Steenberg Nebbiolo 2014 & Nina Timm’s Roasted Pork Chops – 23.03.2017

Steenberg Nebbiolo 2014 Steenberg Estate in the Constantia Wine Appellation is one of the few producers of Nebbiolo, a well-known Italian wine grape. Well known British Wine Writer Jancis Robinson in her The Oxford Companion to Wine describes Nebbiolo for being responsible for ‘some of the finest and long lived wines in Italy’ and the

Douglas Green Sauvignon Blanc 2016 & Nina Timm’s Delicious Chicken Salad with roasted butternut – 09.03.2017

Douglas Green Sauvignon Blanc 2016 What a different world South African wine was when Douglas Green founded his company in 1942.  He wanted to sell good wine, at even handed prices which reflect the grape varieties from which they are made from some of the best cellars in the winelands. And things haven’t really changed

Oldenburg Cabernet Franc Barrel Selection 2014 & Nina Timm’s Gnocchi with meatballs & creamy tomato sauce – 16.02.2017

Oldenburg Cabernet Franc Barrel Selection 2014 There are few wine Estates over which mountains stand towering benignly as Oldenburg, situated high above the Banghoek Valley. In one of the northernmost parts of the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation, the Estate looks out over the Stellenbosch and Groot Drakenstein Mountains. An enchanting hillock Rondekop sits in the middle

Boland Cellar Reserve No 1 Chenin Blanc 2015 & Nina Timm’s Oriental Chicken Noodle Salad – 20.01.2017

Boland Cellar Reserve No 1 Chenin Blanc 2015 Boland Cellar on the slopes of the Paarl Mountain, draws its grapes from a wide range of geographical, geological and meteorological micro climates. A wide range of altitudes, aspects, soil types and weather conditions. A team of producers, viticulturists and oenologists who have one aim – quality

Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc 2016 & Nina Timm’s Summer Salad with Peas & Goat’s Cheese – 18.01.2017

Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Klein Constantia, the home of one of South Africa’s iconic and internationally recognised wines, Vin de Constance, has Matt Day as its winemaker. The Estate produces a range of sublime reds, Chardonnay and is a specialist Sauvignon Blanc producer. Matthew Day, grapes coming in to the Cellar Sauvignon Blanc vineyards

Pork Schnitzels with Rosemary & Lemon – Nina Timm

Pork Schnitzels with Rosemary & Lemon – Nina Timm Nina says: “Rosemary and lemon are perfect partners when it comes to cooking and especially in meat recipes, it just works. Lamb chops, grilled to perfection on the braai, seasoned with rosemary and lemon are just delicious and even with pork chops, the flavour combination is

Waterblommetjiebredie – Nina Timm

Waterblommetjiebredie – Nina Timm Nina says: “Waterblommetjie are commonly known as the Cape pond weed and can be found in the dams, ponds and marshes of the Western Cape. Waterblommetjie bredie is a stew made from the little flowers with lamb and can be directly translated as small flower stew! Waterblommetjie bredie is a seasonal

Braised Oxtail with Pears & Garlic – Nina Timm

Braised Oxtail with Pears & Garlic – Nina Timm Nina says: “Braised oxtail is one of those quintessential winter recipes that you have to make at least once every winter. Braised oxtail, like Waterblommetjie Stew or Curry Beans or Bean Soup with  Marrow Bones, is most definitely part of my food heritage. Growing up in

Éclairs with Turkish Delight – Nina Timm

Éclairs with Turkish Delight – Nina Timm Nina says: "Light as feathers Éclairs, filled with cream and nuggets of Turkish Delight, topped with a Rose water Glaze - delicious!" Éclairs with Turkish Delight Servings 24 small éclairs Ingredients 250 ml water 125 ml butter or margarine, I used Spar Margarine (not low or medium fat)

Toasted Ham Cheese Sandwich with Caramelized Onions – Nina Timm

Nina Timm's Toasted Ham Cheese Sandwich with Caramelized Onions Nina says: "Toasted Ham Cheese sandwiches can be with just plain old cheese and plain old ham and to me it would be absolutely perfect. You can however take your Toasted Ham Cheese Sandwiches up to another league. For my Toasted Ham Sandwiches, I usually prefer

Cauliflower Bake with Red Onion Marmalade – Nina Timm

Nina Timm's Cauliflower Bake with Red Onion Marmalade Nina says: "Cauliflower has for may years been banned to side dish status on the Sunday lunch table. Smothered in thick, cheesy white sauce and topped with more cheese. Basically a carb-bomb. Cauliflower then suddenly took center stage when Tim Noakes and his Banting Diet entered the

One Minute Hollandaise with a stick blender – Nina Timm

Nina Timm's One Minute Hollandaise with a stick blender Nina says: “One minute hollandaise……. what? What happened to whisking forever to incorporate the melted butter. What happened to a split sauce? One minute hollandaise made with my stick blender, that is what happened! Like so many people I LOVE hollandaise sauce. Sadly I have had

Fish Pie – Nina Timm

Fish Pie – Nina Timm Nina Timm is the most household of household names as one of the Cape's foremost cooks, teachers, bloggers, broadcaster and demosntrators.  Her website, My Easy Cooking, is just that.  Easy dishes, quick, packed with colour, aroma and flavour. Fish Pie serves 8 Ingredients  500g hake 500g mussel meat 250g shelled,

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Chicken Roll – Nina Timm

Nina Timm's Chicken Roll Nina Timm says of her Chicken Roll, "This is a meal in one!   A delicious crust of puff pastry, filled with spinach, butternut and shredded roast chicken."  Easy, quick and delicious as one expects from Nina. Chicken Roll 6 servings Preparation Time 30 minutes Cooking Time 35 minutes Ingredients 1 roll

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Sosatie Chops – Nina Timm

Nina Timm's Sosatie ChopsRecipe from her book Easy Cooking in Nina Timm's Kitchen Traditional sosaties are truly South African and I still find the flavour and colour of a lamb sosatie irresistible. This recipe doesn’t require hours of marinating, and by using chops instead of a leg of lamb, you get to keep

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