Old Road Wine Company Pardonnez Moi Cinsaut 2019, a quirky wine with Nina Timm’s Bangers and Mash…

Old Road Wine Company Pardonnez Moi Cinsaut 2019

I am a total Cinsaut fan, call is Cinsaut or Cinsault, when my father farmed it back in the 1960s it was called Hermitage [or Ermitake as the farm labourers called it]. It has fame as the co-parent of Pinotage, a Pinot Noir Cinsaut cross created in the late 1920s.

The grapes for this sappy eminently drinkable red come from bush vine vineyards growing in decomposed granitic soils in two wine appellations, Paarl land The Helderberg.

Old Road Wine Company Wine Maker Ryan Puttick in a winter vineyard

In the cellar, Wine Maker Ryan Puttick imposed minimal intervention once the hand harvested grapes arrived. Gentle juice extraction and some oak maturation build a great wine.

Generous Cinsaut bunches

From a Bordeaux bottle, closed with a screw cap. One of the Quirky Range from the ORWC, it has a suitably quirky label, Marie Antoinette apologising to her executioner for accidently stepping on his toe. In the glass, a lovely translucent Gummy Berry red which pales out to a purple garnet at the edges.  Bright fruited on the nose, sappy on the palate, packed with berry fruits and cherries. Do chill it slightly before serving. A wine for now drinking. Ryan Puttick, the winemaker says, “Those quirky last words inspired this equally quirky Cinsaut – packed with juicy red berry fruit and wild cherries, some perfumed spice on the nose and a gentle silkiness on the palate. It is that of the unpretentious grace of a well-made Cinsaut that we really like.”

Nina Timm’s Bangers and Mash

The Old Road Wine Company Pardonnez Moi Cinsaut 2019, served chilled is a great glass while the braai fires are reaching perfect heat. It is also a wine which will go with a rustic mid-week supper dish. Nina Timm’s Bangers and Mash is about as quirky a dish to accompany this quirky wine. Click HERE for her recipe.

Nina Timm of https://www.my-easy-cooking.com

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The Old Road Wine Company home in Franschhoek, right next to the cellar

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