Valentine’s Day Angel Food, Nina Timm’s Whole Wheat Bread with Smoked Trout & Lemony Mayonnaise, so good with By.Ott Provençal Rosé…

Nina Timm’s Whole Wheat Bread with Smoked Trout & Lemony Mayonnaise, good with By.Ott Provençal Rosé

Nina Timm is one of my favourite cooks, her website is called I love the easy recipes, more than often budge conscious ones too. Nina is a regular broadcaster on Radio Sonder Grense, which is a National Radio Stations. She shares recipes and has guest chefs and cooks who bring their recipes in to share with her listeners.

You can either buy the hot smoked trout or cook it yourself. The mayonnaise recipe is so simple and one I demonstrated on my TV Breakfast show some time back.

Nina Timm

To visit Nina’s Website and get the recipe – CLICK HERE

By.Ott Provençal Rosé

Now here’s a delicious wine for your Valentine’s Day lunch. You can find the wine in good wine shops or buy direct from Reciprocal Wines – CLICK HERE

BY.OTT is blended and bottled in the new Château de Selle cellar, where part of the winery is exclusively devoted to its production. The entire process is controlled – from the blending to the storage – ensuring the perfect quality expected of these wines.

From a clear glass bespoke bottle, closed with natural cork which is covered by black material. In the glass, it is a pale and pretty like a shell which has pink and light orange colouring, The aromas are delicate and remind of ripe white fleshed peaches, soft sweet apricots. There is an undertow of granadilla and sappy mango. From entry there is a lovely line of raspberry acidity running through into the long and satisfying aftertaste. The richly flavoured and generous palate has whispers of orange peel and sweet spice.

Read more about Domaine Ott – CLICK HERE

Buy direct from Reciprocal Wines – CLICK HERE


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