Boschendal Full Moon Picnic – 12.01.2017

Boschendal Manor House in its magnificent setting As always there are all sorts of wonderful happenings at Boschendal over the next month.  The Cellar Door is open for Wine Tastings, The Deli is open for breakfast, lunch and all sorts of Estate products. There is a butchery and a bakery [no candlestick makery]. Boschendal Full

Boschendal, the traditions go on

Boschendal Manor House, the majestic Groot Drakenstein as backdrop Always something new and exciting from Boschendal. Especially in Heritage month where, by tradition now, a whole roast pasture fed Aberdeen Angus ox is roasted over coals.  The beef is pasture fed and prepared by Boschendal’s Cattle manager, Jason Carrol. In celebration of National Heritage Day,

Taste the Simonsig Wine Icons of Yesteryear at Vintage Wine Day on Saturday 13 August 2016

The Simonsig wine making team, from left Charl  Schoeman, Debbie Thompson, Cellarmaster & Owner Johan Malan & Hannes Meyer Wine-lovers will once again be given a rare chance to taste and buy older vintages of wines made on the Simonsig Estate, one of Stellenbosch’s best-known and lauded wine farms. The fourth Simonsig Vintage Wine Day

Roast leg of lamb with sweet onion marmalade – Dianne Bibby

Roast leg of lamb with sweet onion marmalade – Dianne Bibby Dianne says: "The combination of savoury and sweet is a familiar concept to most South Africans. Fresh and dried fruits have been mainstays to many local favourites for centuries, often appearing in lamb, chicken and beef recipes. Rather than the traditional use of fruit,

Steak sandwich with whipped goat’s cheese butter – Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder's Steak sandwich with whipped goat’s cheese butter Alida says: “Listen, let’s not beat around the bush here. This sandwich is all that and then some. If I do say so myself. There’s just something about a steak sandwich, isn’t there? All that grilled, beefy goodness on good bread? Who could resist. And even

Oldenburg Vineyards – sublime wine destination in Banghoek

Oldenburg Vineyards Situated at the top of the Banghoek on Helshoogte Pass, Oldenburg Vineyards, is a very special place to visit. Surrounded by towering mountains and looking down to the Groot Drakenstein Valley, a gentle country lane gets the mood right as you approach Oldenburg and once there, the mountains tower over you giving an

Milk Soak Chocolate Sheet Cake – Dianne Bibby

Dianne Bibby's Milk Soak Chocolate Sheet Cake Dianne says: “Sheet cake. Simple, honest and ‘un-floppable’. Not surprisingly, this Milk-soak chocolate sheet cake is one the 5 most requested cakes in the Bibby kitchen. This is the kind of chocolate cake where things can get a little out of control. Let’s take a moment. It starts

Chicken Pastilla with Freekeh & Almonds – Dianne Bibby

Dianne Bibby's Chicken Pastilla with Freekeh & Almonds Dianne gives us a word on Freekeh: "Freekeh is harvested and roasted while the grain is still green. This ensures that nutrient values remain at their optimum. With impressive percentages of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, freekeh is set to be the new #graintofollow. The name comes

Fruity & Spicy Lamb Kebabs with Coriander Pesto – Carey Boucher Erasmus

Carey Boucher Erasmus's Fruity & Spicy Lamb Kebabs with Coriander Pesto Carey says: "As a child, our family went through a phase where we often braaied an assortment of ”sosaties” (kebabs). One I remember in particular was a lamb and dried fruit combination. Come to think of it, we haven’t had fruity lamb kebabs in

Roast Pork with Leeks & Fennel – Ina Paarman

Roast Pork with Leeks & Fennel – Ina Paarman I have known Ina Paarman for over 35 years.  I first met her when she was a lecturer at the Cape Technical College.  Her enthusiasm for teaching, to showing people the way in its most simple form and providing a whole range of food products which

Prawn & Spring Onion Empanadas – Nadia Graves

Nadia Graves's Prawn & Spring Onion Empanadas Nadia says: "Tender, flaky pastry pockets filled with everything from fresh vegetables to spicy beef? Yes, please. Empanadas are always welcome in my kitchen and on my plate. The exquisitely fragrant prawn filling in my take on these classic Argentinian pastries is something you will definitely relish. They are

Meet the winemakers of The Franschhoek Cellar

The imposing Franschhoek Cellar at the entrance to the town Producing top quality wines over and over is no easy feat, but something successfully pulled off by the winemakers of The Franschhoek Cellar, time and again. 
The sole objective of Bellingham Wines, led by winemaker Niël Groenewald, is to be daringly unique and extraordinarily appealing. 

The Vergenoegd Harvest Lunch

Vergeneoegd Harvest Lunch in the Cellar I have spoken before of the hugely successful outdoor Harvest Lunches being served on Vergenoegd Wine Estate, Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the months of February and March. There was a little wrinkle last week as there was a gentle rain on the one day and the lunch was

Mulderbosch Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015 – 16.02.2016

Mulderbosch Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015 I read an article on the Internet recently, which said that winemakers make the best Olive Oil. I think it is a pretty broad-brush generalisation, there are some excellent oils produced by wine producers and Mulderbosch is one of them. The olives for the Mulderbosch EVOO 2015 come from

Vergenoegd – join us for a Harvest Lunch on Thursday 3 March

The Vergenoegd Farmstead One of the most exciting innovations in the wine lands this summer is the Harvest Lunch at Vergenoegd Wine Estate. Vergenoegd has recently changed hands and the new owners have set about turning it into one of the tourist destinations on the wine routes. The Vergenoegd Harvest Lunch Long Table The Harvest

Vergenoegd Harvest Lunches – not to be missed

Elegant bottles, elegant wine Vergenoegd Winery known for generations as a producer of fine Stellenbosch Wines has a new owner and a whole new energy is to be found there with an exciting experience for both adults and children. Blend your own Olive Oils, Teas, Coffees & Red Wine from the Estate You can have

Belfield Aristata 2011 – 28.12.2015

Belfield Aristata 2011 Belfield is a tiny self contained wine estate tucked away in the mountains of the beautiful, cool Elgin Valley. Cool in terms of fashion and temperature. Cool temperatures mean longer ripening periods and in the case of red wines particularly it means deeper colour and enhanced aromas and flavours. Mel, Allister &