Vergenoegd – join us for a Harvest Lunch on Thursday 3 March

Vergenoegd FarmsteadThe Vergenoegd Farmstead

One of the most exciting innovations in the wine lands this summer is the Harvest Lunch at Vergenoegd Wine Estate.

Vergenoegd has recently changed hands and the new owners have set about turning it into one of the tourist destinations on the wine routes.

Vergenoegd Harvest LunchThe Vergenoegd Harvest Lunch Long Table

The Harvest lunch is served on Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week until the end of March. One long table under the oaks between the Manor House and the Winery. Vergenoegd Wines, iced tea and mineral waters are generously poured. Lovely social sharing occasion.

Vergenoegd Ryan ShellVergenoegd Ryan Shell, sweet basil harvesting

Ryan Shell, Vergenoegd’s innovative young chef, serves up generous sharing platters, which vary from day to day according to what’s available from his butcher, fishmonger and from his own vegetable, herbs and saladings garden.

ImageContactWinemaker Marlize Jacobs
wine maker at Vergenoegd for 9 years

Winemaker Marlize Jacobs, Marketing Manager Nicole Arnold and CEO Peter Stuart join us to talk about the work in the cellar and on the estate. Ryan Shell talks us through the menu. There is an opportunity to taste the wine grapes being picked that day and even the fermenting grape must.

The Harvest Lunch Beef & Lamb Shank PlatterThe Harvest Lunch Beef & Lamb Shank Platter
main courses vary each day

My wife Madeleine and I are hosting a Harvest Lunch Table at Vergenoegd on Thursday March 3rd and would love you to join us. The price is an even-handed R350.00 per person and includes a glass of bubbly on arrival, all wines, mineral waters and a sumptuous harvest feast of starters, main courses, dessert and cheese – also Ryan’s excellent ciabatta breads and the Italian carta di musica, music sheets, which are thin crisp breads.

Vergenoegd Wine Blending ExperienceThe After Lunch Red Wine Blending Experience

After lunch you can join in on a red wine blending experience in the Manor House.

Vergenoegd Duck RunThe 15h30 Runner Duck Parade
a sight to behold

The Parade of about 800 Indian Runner Ducks, coming home after a long day insect and snail hunting in the vineyards takes place at 15h30 and is well worth watching – totally enchanting.

Kindly email me on to let us know if you would like to join us and we will forward payment details to you.

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