Oldenburg Syrah 2014, a new release and good with Nina Timm’s Pesto Salami Goats Cheese Pasta

Oldenburg Syrah 2014

Like all of the wines from Oldenburg, the Oldenburg Syrah 2014 is a stunner. If you have not visited Oldenburg before, put it on your lit to visit – soonest. It is an incredibly beautiful place surrounded by the most magical of mountains, often snow-capped in winter. The geology is interesting as well as there is a good mix of soils with careful planting to best suit the variety. And, I have mentioned it before, Rondekop, a pert little hillock in the middle asking to be noticed, made up of ferricrete soils which add so much to the flavour of the wines.

Hand-harvesting on Oldenburg Vineyards

The vines from which the Oldenburg Syrah 2014 were harvested are planted on mainly Vilafonté soils, trellised and row planted in a north west to south east direction. Irrigation is provided only if required.  The grapes are picked by hand and preliminary bunch sorting takes place in the vineyards. Once in the cellar and the destalking has taken place, the berries are sorted to remove any which are not of sufficient quality to go through to the final winemaking processes.

Philip Costandius GM Winemaking & Viticulture at Oldenburg

There is a three-day period of cold soaking before fermentation. Once the fermentation process has started the fermenting wine is pumped over the skins three times a day to gently extract colour, aroma, flavour and soft tannins. Once pressed the wine is taken to barrels for 20 months. The barrel mix is 85% French oak and the balance American oak with 40% of the barrels being new. Interesting blend for the wine as well, 87% Syrah 2014, 8,7% Syrah 2015 and 4,3% Grenache Noir 2015. I find interesting the addition of a little splash of 2015 with which Philip Costandius adds a freshness to the wine. Once the maturation period was complete, the wine was then prepared for bottling.

Syrah ripening on the vine

It looks like
Bottled under natural cork in a Burgundy shaped bottle with the elegant Oldenburg silver on black livery with the name of the wine printed in red. In the glass, the wine is a deep bloodplum at the core which pales out to a rich garnet at the edges.

It smells like
A fynbos herbaceousness with red pepper and brown spices. Rich plum aromas support by the well-defined oaking.

It tastes like
From entry, an elegant thread of acidity and cashmere clad tannins runs through to the ending which is long and gently waning.  Full mid palate of sappy red fruits. Very satisfying, subtle and effective.

Nina Timm’s Pesto Salami & Goats Cheese Pasta

It’s good with
Chill for about 30 minutes before service. Excellent glass on its on its own. Perfect with all sorts of red meat and game birds. Delicious with Nina Timm’s Pesto Salami Goats Cheese Pasta, good food flavours mixed with good wine flavours. Click here for her recipe.

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