Boschendal’s jewel, a Shiraz with a ruby heart & Dianne Bibby’s North African Chermoula Meatballs – 22.05.2017

Boschendal 1685 Shiraz 2014 The grapes for the Boschendal 1685 Shiraz 2014 come from prime vineyard sites in the Stellenbosch, Elgin and Swartland Wine Appellations, each component especially selected to bring a unique attribute to the final blending. Richard Duckitt in Boschendal's Red Wine Barrel Cellar Vineyard management techniques were practiced. Shoots were thinned in

Annual Mushroom forage at Boschendal with Justin Williams on May 6th

Cleaned Porcini on my Kitchen Table The Boschendal Estate has a variety of microclimate areas which are perfect for the growth of wild mushrooms.  You are invited to spend a day, part of which is foraging for wild mushrooms with Justin Williams.  Since boyhood Justin has been a keen forager and given his love for

Boschendal hosts Jesse Clegg live on New Year’s Eve

Rhone Homestead & Boschendal Cellar Door New Years Eve - that hellish organisational job, trying to coordinate family, friends, partners and sometimes kids into one enjoyable party. It’s a Herculean task. We’ve solved your problem. Come and join us on the 31st December. Jesse Clegg live at Boschendal on New Year’s Eve We have amazing

Slow Braised Red Wine Oxtail – Dianne Bibby

Dianne Bibby's Slow Braised Red Wine Oxtail Dianne says: "As anyone who’s made oxtail knows, it’s hardly challenging, needing only a few ingredients but heaps of patience. Oxtail is a waiting game. The oven does all the work, slowly eliciting mouthwatering gelatinous flavours. If you’re ravenously hungry, as a winter belly tends to be, the

Saffron risotto stuffed tomatoes – Dianne Bibby

Dianne Bibby's Saffron risotto stuffed tomatoes Dianne says, "For these saffron risotto stuffed tomatoes, it’s advisable to use ripe but still firm skinned tomatoes which makes scooping the inner flesh out more manageable. For the pasta filling I’ve combined arborio rice with sweet peppers, which incidentally are a close relation to the tomato – no

Roasted pumpkin risotto with haloumi pops & chilli syrup – Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder's Roasted pumpkin risotto with haloumi pops & chilli syrup Alida says, "Tis the season to share all the pumpkin recipes. Except, for me this doesn’t make much sense because I live in South Africa and right now the last thing on anyone’s mind is autumnal vegetables and their huge comfort factor. Instead, we