Top drops No 3#, Boschendal Blanc de Noir 2019

Boschendal Blanc de Noir 2019

We are blessed with great wines, great winemakers, great places, fabulous restaurants and family friendly places in our Cape Winelands.  Recently I have had the opportunity to taste some sublime wines. Here are some sensory notes.

Boschendal Winemaker Jacques Viljoen

From a vine leaf colour Burgundy shaped bottle, closed with a screw cap. The label is elegant, gold and simple. The wine is made from only premium red wine grapes. It was Boschendal which pioneered this style of wine in the early 1980s. In the glass, it is a lovely tawny pink salmon colour. The nose is all about fresh red berry and plums. The palate is crisp and fresh, well balanced with bright fruit. Though dry, there is a bright fruit ‘sweetness’. Just a lovely sappy summer wine.

Steenberg Ruby Rosé 2017My Deconstructed Sushi

The Boschendal Blanc de Noir 2019 is a perfect all-time wine, perfect as a mid-morning refresher, excellent with food and a relaxing sundown sipper. Perfect pairing with sushi, smoked fish paté and strips of smoked trout. Perfect partner is my Deconstructed no nonsense Sushi recipe which I made on the Expresso TV Breakfast show some time back.

Michael’s Deconstructed Sushi with Avocado & Salmon Trout

What you’ll need
8 sheets nori
1 small carrot – cut into matchsticks
¼ English Cucumber – peeled & cut into matchsticks
1 red pepper – cut into matchsticks
1 ripe avocado – diced
100g smoked salmon trout – cut into matchsticks
500ml cold cooked sushi rice
red, white or rice wine vinegar
castor sugar
sea salt
freshly milled black pepper
soy sauce

For Garnish
pickled ginger
wasabi flavoured mayonnaise.

What you’ll do
Toast the seaweed briefly over an open flame or in your toaster.  Prepare the vegetables, avocado and fish and set aside.  In a bowl season the rice well with the vinegar, castor sugar, sea salt and freshly milled black pepper.  Gently stir in the vegetables and fish.  Place a sheet of nori on each of 4 plates and divide the rice mixture between them.  Cover with a sheet of nori and serve with pickled ginger and wasabi flavoured mayonnaise.

Serve 4 as a first course to a meal

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