Steenberg Nebbiolo 2014 & Nina Timm’s Roasted Pork Chops – 23.03.2017

Steenberg Nebbiolo 2014

Steenberg Estate in the Constantia Wine Appellation is one of the few producers of Nebbiolo, a well-known Italian wine grape. Well known British Wine Writer Jancis Robinson in her The Oxford Companion to Wine describes Nebbiolo for being responsible for ‘some of the finest and long lived wines in Italy’ and the ‘most distinctive and distinguished vine’ of Piedmont, the province where it is grown.

Steenberg has two Nebbiolo Vineyards, one 20 years old and one 7 years old and the Steenberg Nebbiolo 2014 is made up of 90% of the grapes from the old vineyard and 10% of the new.

Steenberg Wine Maker JD Pretorius
photograph by Tim Atkin

Taken into the cellar, the grapes are crushed into stainless steel fermentation tanks where they are inoculated with a very specific yeast known for assisting the natural characteristics of the grape to shine. Malolactic fermentation took place in French Oak Barrels and this was followed by 16 months in both 225 litre and 500 litre French Oak barrels of which 9% were new and the balance a mix of ages.

The wine was then prepared for bottling.

Steenberg Nebbiolo arriving at the Cellar

It looks like
Packed under natural cork closure in a Burgundy shaped bottle, glass embossed with the Constantia logo on the neck. This indicates that all the grapes were grown in the Constantia Appellation. In the glass, it is almost translucent garnet which colours to red tigers eye at the rim.

It smells like
Rose floral, with both domestic and fynbos herbs and a tart rustic berry aroma.

It tastes like
As expected, ripe bloodplums with tart skins, red berries and whiteheart cherries. The tannins are well integrated in the long aftertaste with its undertow of red floral herbal tea and good supporting oak.

Nina Timm’s Roasted Pork Chops with Creamy Mustard Sauce

It’s good with
Obviously Italian food, tomato based.  Though good with spicy dishes like Bobotie or an artisanal piece of boerewors redolent of coriander. Pork is something the Italians love and Nina Timm’s Roasted Pork Chops takes her belief in thick chops to the next level with a lovely creamy mustard sauce.  Click here for her recipe.

Nina Timm of

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