Pinotage Day October 10th, here are a few delicious wines with which to celebrate…

Pinotage Day October 10th offer us the opportunity to celebrate this truly South African grape, which Protea-like has many guises...

Landskroon Pinotage 2016, perfect with a heritage dish from Lizet Hartley…

Made from a grape produced in the 1920s by Abraham Perold, the Landskroon Pinotage 2016, is a fine expression of the grape. Paul de Villiers, 5th generation Cellarmaster carries on the fine wine tradition of the family...

Landskroon Blanc de Noir Off Dry 2017 & Tamsin Snyman’s Tuna Phyllo Samoosas with Cucumber Raita – 26.01.2018

Landskroon Blanc de Noir Off Dry 2017 The de Villiers family of Landskroon, have been there for five generations, each Cellarmaster has been called Paul. When I asked the current Cellarmaster Paul who would be his ideal dinner guests, he wanted the previous Paul’s there so that they could tell him how they made wine!

Landskroon Shiraz 2015 & Ina Paarman’s Beef Olives – 30.06.2017

Landskroon Shiraz 2015 Landskroon sits on the slopes of the iconic Paarl Mountain, so named because the three large rocks on the top shine like pearls in the sun after rain. The South-Western slope face towards Cape Town. Nelie & Paul de Villiers Since the family bought the farm some 5 generations ago, the Cellar

Landskroon Pinotage 2014 & Tracy Foulkes’s Whole Roasted Butternut With & Simple Balsamic Reduction – 26.05.2017

Landskroon Pinotage 2014 Pinotage, the iconic South African grape, was created in the late 1920s. It was not until some 30 years later, that grapes from Bellevue Wine Estate were bottled as Pinotage under the Lanzerac label.  Pinotage lay quiet until the 1970s when the pioneers of modern Pinotage starting producing wines from easy quaffers

Landskroon Paul de Villiers Reserve 2015 & Justine Wall’s Beef & Black Olives – 28.04.2017

Landskroon Paul de Villiers Reserve 2015 The de Villiers family moved to Landskroon in the middle of the 19th Century, and since that time, the head of the family has been named Paul. Today Paul de Villiers, the fifth generation on the Estate, winner of the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year, is the cellar

Landskroon Paul de Villiers Merlot 2014 & Ina Paarman’s Individual Beef Wellingtons – 24.02.2016

Landskroon Paul de Villiers Merlot 2014 When I asked Paul de Villiers, Cellarmaster at Landskroon Wine Estate on the South-Western slopes of the iconic Paarl Mountain, who he would like as dinner guests, he said “the previous 5 Pauls, I want to hear about how they made wine.”  Paul V is no slouch at winemaking

Landskroon Cinsaut 2015 & Nadia Graves’s Sauté of Veal with Noilly Prat – 27.01.2017

Landskroon Cinsaut 2015 Cinsaut was one of the red wine grape varieties planted heavily after the phylloxera decimated the Cape Vineyards.  In the 1980s it was about 13% of the South African vineyard, and yet at the turn of the century had dropped down to near 3%.  Known as Hermitage in the early days, it

Grilled Nectarine & Lentil Salad with Parma ham – Tracy Foulkes

Tracy Foulkes's Grilled Nectarine & Lentil Salad with Parma ham With summer, we are fortunate to have the most amazing array of wonderful fruit available.  Especially early in the season with the wonderful nectarines, white fleshed peaches and apricots.  Tracy Foulkes, that most innovative of cooks, comes up with some quirky salad recipes which are

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Sosatie Chops – Nina Timm

Nina Timm's Sosatie ChopsRecipe from her book Easy Cooking in Nina Timm's Kitchen Traditional sosaties are truly South African and I still find the flavour and colour of a lamb sosatie irresistible. This recipe doesn’t require hours of marinating, and by using chops instead of a leg of lamb, you get to keep

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