Waterblommetjie Bredie with green garlic

Waterblommetjies grow in Boland ponds This recipe is a great tradition in the Cape where waterblommetjies, [Aponogeton distachys] also know as wateruintjies, fill the ponds and dams in the Western Cape with pretty white snowdroplike, strongly scented flowers. Louis Leipoldt, in his book on Cape Cookery, refers to them in English as Water Hawthorn and

Boschendal 330 years of Cape history

The Boschendal Manor Housedwarfed by the Groot Drakenstein Mountain Gawie and Gwen Fagan, restoring architects of Boschendal in the late 1970s wrote, “Of all the stately farmsteads in the Drakenstein Valley, Boschendal has the finest setting.” First granted to French Huguenot, Jean le Long in 1685, the same year in which the King

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