This time of the year one is always looking for the Christmas Stocking Stuffer for a loved one. Here is my choice for some stars...

Early Autumn Chicken with Dried Figs – Marlene van der Westhuizen

Marlene van der Westhuizen'sEarly Autumn Chicken with Fresh Figstaaken from her Secrets of a French Cooking Class Marlene says: "Autumn is certainly my favourite season. There is something about the gentle yellowing of leaves, the cool breezes that begin to move like ancient prophecies and the ripening of red pomegranates, yellow quinces and

The Old Men and the Duo of Beauties from Robertson by Lafras Huguenet

“Blanc,” said Dolf Hershowitz brushing some fluff from his white cocktail jacket, “blanc is French for white.” Louis L'Amour's The Lonely Men Stienie Boshoff looked up from his Louis L’Amour novel. “Really? I thought ‘blanc’ was what your mind does every time the widow Klitana Nothnagel asks you to fix her plumbing.” Dolf

De Wetshof in the Limelight

Lesca & Danie de Wet in the Douro Valley, Northern Portugal In an interview I did for Fine Music Radio with Danie de Wet of De Wetshof Wine Estate recently, he spoke of the increasing popularity of Unwooded Chardonnay where consumers were discovering the real joys of the grape and its fabulous fruit.

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Heirlooms – tomatoes at their finest….

With Matt Allison leading the way in urban farming in the Cape, we are being made so much more aware of growing your own, even in pots outside your kitchen door and keeping a couple of  ‘skrophoenders’ in the back yard for your breakfast eggs. Books like Eve Palmer’s Return to