De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc 2019, great partner to Anina Meyer’s Chicken Teriyaki Salad…

De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc 2019

While De Wetshof Wine Estate in the Robertson Wine Appellation is known as a Chardonnay specialist, it produces many other fine varietal and blended wines. De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc 2019 is a fine example of the expression of what the soils, microclimate and winemaking techniques can do with excellent quality grapes.

Sauvignon Blanc Grapes in the harvester’s hands

The grapes for the De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc 2019 are picked off the Estate’s vineyards early in the morning before the sun has brought its heat to the vineyards. The capturing of perfect ripeness is integral to the fruit forward attributes of this delicious wine. Ripe figs, tropical fruits with the smoothness of melon and mango all abound, once in the cellar, the bunches are stripped of their berries and the mash has between 6 and 10 hours skin contact before pressing. The press juice is the settled and racked off the sediment and fermentation then takes place in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures. Once the fermentation is over, the wine is racked off the primary lees and then for a further period it matures on the fine lees, before being prepared for bottling.

The De Wetshof Vineyards

From a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed with a screw cap. The label is classic De Wetshof elegant, simple, telling you exactly what is inside. In the glass, the wine is a gem bright, pale wheaten colour.  The aromas are of figs, a mélange of tropical fruits and sweet limes. From entry, the wine has a golden thread of round acidity running through to the long and gently waning aftertaste. The sappiness of the wine, the fullness of the mid palate, makes it a perfect wine for food.  With a year or two of cool cellaring, this wine will reward you greatly.

Anina Meyer’s Chicken Teriyaki Salad

The De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc 2019 should be served well chilled. It is a perfect mid-morning refresher, an aperitif before a meal or a sun down sipper. With Summer around the corner, Anina Meyer’s Chicken Teriyaki Salad is a great partner to the wine. Click HERE for her recipe and to have a look at her website.

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