Landskroon Cape Vintage 2019

Landskroon Wine Estate, situated on the South West facing slopes of the iconic Paarl Mountain has been owned and managed by five generations of the De Villiers, French Huguenots originally from La Rochelle on France’s Atlantic Coast. Each Paul has put his mark on the Estate’s wines, the most recent of them with their Port style wine, known as Cape vintage because of Appellation Control on the name Port. Some wag once suggested that Port was not actually made in Oporto, but up in the Douro Valley.

5th generation, and current Cellarmaster, Paul de Villiers

5th generation, and current Cellarmaster, Paul de Villiers won the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year for his Port style wine. For this vintage, Paul has used Portuguese Port varieties to make this excellent glass. 67% Tinta Barocca, 14% Souzao, 11% Touriga Naçional and 8% Tinta Amarela, also known as Trincadeira. The grapes, once in the cellar were destemmed and crushed and taken to open fermentation tanks. In Portugal, these are shallow and are called lagars. Punch downs took place to extract colour and flavour and gentle tannin extraction. When the wine is partially fermented, it is fortified with matured brandy spirits. After cool settling for 14 days, the wine was taken to previous fill 225 litre French Oak Barrels for maturation over a period of 13 months. The wine is then prepared for bottling.

Tinta Barocca, the principle grape in the wine, ripening on the vine

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. Both the bottle shape and the elegant label are new livery. In the glass, the wine is a rich dark bloodplum at the centre which pales out to ruby at the edges. When swirled ‘legs’ are visible at the side of the glasses. The aromas are of cherry tobacco, spiced prunes, and sun dried raisins. Elegant oak with it concomitant brown spices and vanilla is in undertow. The fruit aromas are repeated on the palate Which, from entry, not only has a lovely line of acidity running into the long and almost eternal aftertaste, but also is rich and generous and silken smooth.

Stilton Cheese, Cape Vintage’s perfect partner

While the Landskroon Cape Vintage 2018 is usually taken after a meal, it is excellent with a silky smooth duck liver paté at the start of a meal. Blue cheese is perhaps its bet partner after dinner.

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View to the South West including Table Mountain

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