Sam Linsell’s Roast Chicken with Stout, Rosemary & Honey

Sam Linsell's Roast Chicken with Stout, Rosemary & Honey Top South African food stylist and Drizzle and Dip blogger, Sam Linsell uses a secret ingredient to her all-time favourite roast chicken recipe that results in the most succulent bird. “Instead of using wine or verjuice, I have adapted the recipe with Castle Milk Stout,” said

Koeksisters – my recipe extracted from Sweet by Sam Linsell (Struik Lifestyle)

My Koeksisters - lovely photograph by Sam Linsell in her book Sweet In her intro to my recipe from her lovely book Sweet, Sam says: "Koeksisters are one of the most traditional South African confections. A good friend and one of my food mentors, Michael Olivier, gave me this recipe. He says: ‘A fond childhood

Buttery leeks & cheddar cheese toasted sandwich on sourdough – Sam Linsell

Sam Linsell's Buttery Leeks & Cheddar Cheese toasted Sandwich on sourdough Sam says, "Slowly braised leeks and sharp mature Cheddar are a fantastic combination of flavours. Toasted to melted perfection on sourdough bread makes an utterly delicious and unusual toasted sandwich. I set about developing this recipe soon using my Breville non-stick frying

Stout Hot Cross Buns – Sam Linsell

Sam Linsell's Stout Hot Cross Buns Today is the Saint's Day of St Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland.  Legend has it that he chased the snakes off Ireland, but closer to the truth is that it was The Ice Age what done it.  The black stuff is not unknown in Ireland and Castle

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Paella – Sam Linsell

Sam Linsell's Paella Ingredients 2-3T olive oil 2 pinch’s saffron soaked in two tablespoons of hot water 100g chorizo, finely sliced 280g – 300g boneless, skinless chicken thigh filets (8 thigh fillets) 350 – 400g white fish fillets cut into large chunks 1 onion finely chopped 1 red pepper, cored and finely diced

Drizzle & Dip – Sam Linsell

Sam Linsell is food passionate.  She is one of South Africa’s top bloggers and her blogsite made more beautiful by the fact that it is filled with amazing photographs of her fabulous food. After having trained at Hotel School in Johannesburg and working for a number of years in the hospitality industry and