Landskroon Blanc de Noir 2020 the perfect wine for my fresh Norwegian Salmon cured with Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin…

Landskroon Blanc de Noir Pinotage 2020

Landskroon Wines come from the Paarl Wine Appellation. The Estate is on the lower South Eastern slopes of the Iconic Paarl Mountain with its massive granite rocks on top, three of them which shine like pearls after the rain. Table Mountain can be clearly seen on the Southern horizon. This is where the Pinotage grapes for the Landskroon Blanc de Noir Pinotage 2020 are harvested.

A generosity of Pinotage

Blanc de Noir is an interesting wine category. As the name implies, Blanc de Noir, white of black, can only be made from red wine grapes. Any red grape is fine, some of them are blends of several red grape varieties. The wine can be anything from dry to semi-sweet. What is important is the colour, too dark and it is called a Rosé. A photo spectrometer tells you what the colour is. The wine maker has to be very careful when it comes to skin contact after destemming and crushing, remembering that the breaking of the skins immediately starts adding colour. And the wine loses colour a bit during the wine making process which is identical to the making of a white wine.  The Landskroon Blanc de Noir Pinotage 2020 is off dry which means that the fermentation is halted by chilling when there is still some residual sugar in the wine.

Paul de Villiers, 5th generation Cellarmaster, standing in the Blanc de Noir evening light

From a clear glass Burgundy shaped bottle, closed with a screw cap. The livery is brand spanking new and Anthony Lane Design have come up with an elegant design. In the glass, the wine is the most beautiful delicate pink coral colour. The aromas are reminiscent of pink flowers, pink honeysuckle and the delicious flavour for which Pinotage is known. Soft cherries, red berries predominate on the palate which has a lovely line of raspberry acidity running through it into the long aftertaste. A perfect wine for summer

Norwegian Salmon cured with Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin

While the Landskroon Blanc de Noir Pinotage off dry 2020 is the perfect glass, almost at any time, it is excellent with food, Ceviche, gravlax, sashimi and smoked chicken breast or angelfish. My Fresh Norwegian Salmon cured with Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin is the perfect lunchtime dish under a shaded pergola. Click HERE for the recipe.

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