Spice Route Saffron Rosé 2016 & Nina Timm’s Deboned Roast Chicken with dates & goat’s cheese – 13.06.2017

Spice Route Saffron Rosé 2016

I watched a food TV programme the other day in which a young cook went to San Gimignano and visited a crocus farmer.  I was aware that you got precious little once you had taken out the stamens. You need to harvest when the bulbs open in the early morning. One thing that fascinated me was the intense colour once the stamens were soaked in water.  I always thought of saffron as being yellow, but the colour is so beautiful and a brilliant orange pink.

So apt for the newest release from Spice Route, the Spice Route Saffron Rosé 2016.

Grenache Grapes – in waiting at the Cellar

Fruit from two different Grenache Noir vineyards were used in the making of this wine, one in Darling from bush vine vineyards overlooking the Atlantic and its cooling Benguela winds and the other is a low yielding unirrigated vineyard in the Piekenierskloof Mountains, planted in 1973.

The two vineyards were handpicked and taken to the cellar where hand sorting took place.  This was followed by a gently pressing to extract sufficient colour.  The components were separately fermented and matured for nine months in three previously filled 550 litre French oak barrels.

Spice Route Winemaker Charl du Plessis

Spice Route Winemaker, Charl du Plessis tell us “We specifically decide on these two unique vineyards side to create this serious rosé wine. The older Piekenierskloof Grenache adds complex and minerality on this wine and the cooler Darling grapes, contributes towards more freshness and more fruit flavours of the wine. Saffron Rose is made in a more complex style that will pair well with most dishes.”

It looks like
Bottled under natural cork closure in a Burgundy shaped bottle.  The livery is elegant and simple.  In the glass, a gem bright blood orange pink.

It smells like
Generous berry fruit, rustic roadside brambles. There are whiffs of poached dried peaches and Iberico style ham.

It tastes like
Full flavours from entry to tail. Elegant flavours mid palate, deliciously dry black fruits. Oak and its concomitant spices and vanilla are beautifully interwoven into the fruits and acidity in the long aftertaste.

Nina Timm’s Deboned Roast Chicken with dates & goat’s cheese

It’s good with
Excellent as a refresher or an aperitif before a meal.  Very good with a selection of Fairview Goat’s cheeses and charcuterie. Nina Timm’s Deboned Roast Chicken with dates & goat’s cheese is a perfect match for a midweek supper. Click here for her recipe.

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