Boschendal Demi Sec Méthode Cap Classique, so good with Nina Timm’s Camembert Honey Walnut Cigars

Boschendal Demi Sec Méthode Cap Classique nv

Boschendal Wine Estate was one of the earliest, in fact the second, to produce what has now become known as Méthode Cap Classique, using the traditional Champagne method of a second fermentation in the bottle. The first was a white grape bubbly, this was followed by a Rosé and then by some premium wines.  The Boschendal Demi Sec Méthode Cap Classique, one with a hint of sweetness for those who prefer their wines not to be too dry.

Boschendal MCC bubblies shine goldLizelle Gerber, Boschendal’s MCC maker

The grapes for the Boschendal Demi Sec, the blend is led by Chardonnay with Pinot Noir come from specially chosen and well cared for vineyards in the Western Cape.  The Boschendal Viticulturists visit the vineyards frequently to be sure that the growers are doing what is required to produce the best of wines.

Boschendal Demi Sec grapes are carefully treated with care from the time of handpicking to the cellar where the bunches are pressed whole to gently extract the purest of free run juices. The Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir were separately vinified for later blending. The wines were left on their lees while waiting for blending and bottling. The liqueur de tirage [yeast and sugar] is added for the second fermentation. After 12 months on its lees, the wine was then disgorged and the natural cork closure and wire muzzle applied.

Just harvested Chardonnay Grapes

It looks like
Very traditional Champagne bottle for the Boschendal Demi Sec with elegant foiling and labelling. In the glass, it is a pale golden straw with a mass of the tiniest bottles rushing helter skelter to the rim at the top of the glass forming a crown.

It smells like
Tickly nose of bubbles, toasted almond brioche and fresh vibrant citrus and berry fruits.

Perfect palm of Pinot Noir

It tastes like
Full rich and creamy lemon posset. Minerals and desiccated orange rind. Perfect in balance with all the elements woven together in a more-ish aftertaste.

Nina Timm’s Camembert Honey Walnut  Cigars

It’s good with
As a mid morning refresher, late afternoon with a fresh bake, with breakfast. Though it does like a good gentle curry, like a fish or lentil Bobotie. Perfect with cakes and pastries. As an accompaniment you can go smart and crayfishy or you can go simple and delicious. The fruit and gentle sweetness lends itself to a good sophisticated dessert. We had dinner with friends once and for dessert they took us into another room and served dessert and bubbles. Nice idea for you to serve Boschendal Demi Sec like this in the sitting room – passing them round with little paper napkins. Nina Timm’s Camembert Honey Walnut  Cigars. Click here for her recipe.

Nina Timm of My Easy Cooking

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