Aquiver for a glass of Rascallion Word Collection Aquiver 2016? You should be!

Rascallion Word Collection Aquiver 2016

Ross Sleet is a clever fella.  He has been in the wine business for a number of years and has a very good idea for what a wine drinker is looking in a glass. And when this is translated into wine, you get an excellent glass. The Rascallion Word Collection Aquiver 2016 is a great bang for your buck and is great as a glass and just brilliant with food. Ross is a great traveller and travels the world encouraging people to love his wines.

The Rascallion Word Collection Aquiver 2016 is a blend of 80% Chenin Blanc and 10% each of Grenache Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. The single block vineyard of Chenin Blanc vineyard is 1,9 hectares in size and located 200m above sea level, and about 15 kilometres for False Bay. The Grenache Blanc vineyard lies 10 km from the False Bay coastline and is planted in shale soils.  The cooling maritime breezes slow the ripening process and add flavour and complexity to the grapes. The aspects of the vineyards, the soils are weathered granite and sandstone.

Chenin Blanc arriving at the cellar just after sun up

The grapes for Rascallion Word Collection Aquiver 2016 were hand harvested into small crates. Once in the cellar, they were chilled and then destalked. From here on each wine was separately vinified.  6 hours skin contact was allowed before fermentation.  The Chenin was fermented in stainless steel tanks, using inoculated yeast. The Grenache Blanc and the Sauvignon Blanc fermented with natural vineyard yeasts, the Grenache Blanc in French oak barrels, the Sauvignon Blanc in tanks.

The blending after the winemaking processes resulted in a wine in which the Chenin brings its appley guava crispness, the Grenache with its gentle oaking adds multiple layers of creaminess. The Sauvignon adds it ‘greenness’ and sweet tropical limes.

It looks like
Bottled in a Burgundy shaped bottle with the witty livery showing the name Aquiver in broad callligraphy. In the glass, it is gem bright pale straw with lime green flashes.

Ross Sleet on a wine selling trip to China, on the Great Wall

It smells like
This wine has such a broad aroma, which just makes you want to drink it. Ripe stone fruit, scrunched dry fynbos herbs.

It tastes like
The stone fruit which is so fresh has, added to its flavours, ripe piel de sapo melon and marzipan. Rich, rich, rich, full and round with a lovely long ending which wanes gently.

Nina Timm’s Smoked Chicken Rice Salad with Mango

It’s good with
Good as a glass, a sipper rather than a quaffer. It is a superb food wine – its real purpose. With Oriental food, it works well with Chinese food like a Mandarin Sweet and Sour Pork, and one of those gentle Keralan Vegetable Curry. Nina Timm’s Smoked Chicken Rice Salad with Mango. Perfect for the season and perfect with this wine. Click here for her recipe.

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