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Nina Timms Cauliflower Bake with Red Onion MarmaladeNina Timm’s Cauliflower Bake with Red Onion Marmalade

Nina says: “Cauliflower has for may years been banned to side dish status on the Sunday lunch table. Smothered in thick, cheesy white sauce and topped with more cheese. Basically a carb-bomb.

Cauliflower then suddenly took center stage when Tim Noakes and his Banting Diet entered the arena. I remember buying anything between 5 and 10 cauliflowers to bring to my neighbors when I passed a shop on my daily trips. R15 – R21 was cheap and recipes for cauli-rice, cauli-mash and cauli-wraps were in every magazine possible. Now, I LOVE it, but for me it ain’t rice and it ain’t mash! ( rant over!) I would sell parts of my body for a creamy  soup or pureé. Can you imagine it, deep-fried? Heavenly!

I wanted to use mine in something different. I had no meat planned for dinner and the cauliflowers were fast losing their freshness, so I had to make a plan. I broke the cauliflower into florets and steamed it still soft. I added a few other bits and bobs and it turned out ok, my family loved it! I hope your do to. Do let me know! This just happen to be a low-carb dish, but was it was not at all intended to be, just enjoy!

The end result was something between a quiche and Mac ‘n cheese. Creamy and cheesy, it needed the tartness of the red onion marmalade. Click here for the recipe for the marmalade.”

Cauliflower Bake with Red Onion Marmalade
serves 6

1 head cauliflower – broken into small florets
3 eggs
250 ml Greek yogurt
2 cups strong white cheddar or Parmesan
salt and pepper
5 ml mustard powder
10 ml Physillium Husk

Preheat oven to 180 C. Steam the cauliflower florets in a pot with a little water or in your microwave oven until they are soft. Cool slightly and place in your food processor. Blitz until the cauliflower has a coarse texture. Mix the cauliflower mix and all the other ingredients in a bowl. Pour into a 20 x 20 cm oven dish and bake until golden brown and firm to the touch. Let it cool for 10 minutes before your slice it. Serve with the red onion marmalade.

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Nina TimmNina Timm

Nina Timm is a popular household name in South Africa and apart from her passion for cooking, her heart is with people. In 2012 she received the Blogger of the Year Award from Eat In Magazine and has not looked back since. She understands what her readers want. She and her family live an unpretentious lifestyle with love in abundance and a deep-rooted belief in God. With her warm and heartfelt nature she has become a loyal and trusted radio personality to RSG listeners, where she has a weekly show every Thursday Morning just after 9, featuring her own recipes and those of other South African Food Bloggers.

Visit Nina’s website – click here.

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