Holden Manz Chardonnay Reserve 2017, a gem of a wine with Nina Timm’s Fish Pie…..

Holden Manz Chardonnay Reserve 2017

I recently met Gerard Holden at a function where Franschhoek wines and foods shone. And did the Holden Manz wines shine. I was blown away by their two bottlings of Cabernet Franc, which so suited the wonderful cheeses on offer from Lodine Maske of Fromages de France in the little town of Franschhoek. Now is my time to be blown away by the Holden Manz Chardonnay Reserve 2017.

Gerard Holden, owner of Holden Manz Wines

Now we taste the Holden Manz Chardonnay Reserve 2017. A wine as stately as this needs to be about two years old before release to start rounding off and giving the great pleasure it does. The grapes come from cool climate vineyards, cool fruit picked in the early morning, where the bunches are selected to ensure that only the best go through to the wine making process. The cool chain is maintained till the grapes reach the winery where they are cooled before being gentle pressed as whole bunches. After overnight settling the clear juice is taken to 225 litre French oak barrels, 90% of them new and the balance second fill. Natural vineyard yeasts did their work, extended lees contact and regular stirring or batonnage took place each day. Only 14% of the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. He wine was then prepared for bottling

Chardonnay grapes ripening on the vine

It looks like
Bottled in a heavy Burgundy shaped bottle under natural cork with a gold wax seal, the label is elegant and understated. In the glass, the colour is a pale lemon straw.

It smells like
Clean, clear nose of fresh baked almond brioche, sweet tropical limes and windfall oranges and sweet mandarin preserve.

It tastes like
Always amazes me the creaminess in a well-made wine like this. Swirling flavours through the mid palate and into the long aftertaste of green melon, ginger juice, ripe white fleshed peaches and the mix of citrus.

Nina Timm’s Fish Pie

It’s good with
This is no quaffer, it’s a sipper. Before a meal, or with a fully flavoured dish like an old fashioned dish like Nina Timm’s Fish Pie. Click here for her recipe.

Nina Timm of Myeasycooking.com

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