Fried Fish & Wild Mushrooms – Nina Timm

Nina Timm's Fried Fish & Wild Mushrooms

Nina Timm’s Fried Fish & Wild Mushrooms

serves 4

1 kg fresh angel fish , hake of cob
30 ml olive oil
1 clove garlic – peeled and chopped
40-45 ml lime juice – I prefer fresh lime juice
100-150 g butter
fresh sage or thyme
250 g wild mushrooms

Marinade the fresh fish in the olive oil, lime juice and garlic in the fridge. Heat a skillet or cast iron pan on the fire or on the stove until it is smoking hot. Now place the fish in the pan, skin side down. On the flesh side you place a big dollop of butter and the sage. Keep an eye on the fish, the minute it starts to “sweat” on the flesh side, turn over and fry on the other side for about 5-6 minutes for angelfish and 8-10 minutes for a thicker fillet. About 2-3 minutes before the cooking time is over, add the mushrooms to the same pan and stir the mushrooms through the butter sauce. Serve the fish with the mushrooms on a creamy bed of wheat risotto and just imagine you are sitting with your feet in the sand along the West Coast.

Cook’s Notes
always cook fish from the fridge, the fish must be cold and the pan hot!
for a crust on your fish, you can dust it with a little flour
don’t be shy with the sage, use a lot, it fries to a crispy texture
turn the fish over only once….don’t be tempted to fiddle with it.

Michael’s wine recommendation – CLICK HERE

Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2014


Nina Timm of

Nina Timm

Nina Timm has become a popular household name in South Africa and apart from her passion for cooking,  her heart is with people. In 2012 she received the Blogger of the Year Award from Eat In Magazine and has not looked back since. She understands what her readers want. She and her family live an unpretentious lifestyle with love in abundance and a deep rooted believe in God. With her warm and heartfelt nature she has become a loyal and trusted radio  personality to RSG listeners, where she has a weekly show every Thursday Morning just after 9, featuring her own recipes and those of other South African Food Bloggers.

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