Pierre Jourdan Ratafia from Haute Cabrière, if you don’t have a treaty to ratify, have it with a slice of cake…

Pierre Jourdan Ratafia

The Haute Cabrière Wine Estate in the upper North Western reaches of the Franschhoek Wine Appellation, may be traditional in terms of it offerings, but it certainly is on the cutting edge when it comes to innovation.

Takuan von Arnim, Haute Cabrière Cellarmaster

Takuan von Arnim, the Cellarmaster and Tim Hoek, Winemaker, each year surprise us with the gems from their cellar.

The Ratafia Christmas Cake created by Sam Linsell.

Pierre Jourdan Ratafia has been on the shelves for some years and has never lost its popularity. Whether taken with a hot soup at the beginning of a meal, or perhaps a deliciously smooth paté, with dessert or as a digestif at the end of a meal, it is so good as an ingredient and partner to a fabulous Christmas Cake created specially for this wine by Sam Linsell. Click HERE for the recipe.

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