Slow Roast Pig’s Cheeks – Justine Wall

Justine Wall's Slow Roast Pig’s Cheeks Justine says: "Please don’t let the name put you off, although I do understand that it’s not immediately enticing. These, when slow cooked, are utterly delicious, and a very affordable cut of meat too. Serve with rice, or, if not using potatoes in the dish, with mashed potato. I

Butternut flatbreads with beets & goat’s cheese truffles – Dianne Bibby

Dianne Bibby's Butternut flatbreads with beets & goat's cheese truffles Dianne says: "This riotously colourful vegetarian feast will hopefully debunk any existing theories that meatless meals are flavourless drudgery. Buttery flatbreads piled high with the inseparably successful vegetable duo of butternut and beetroot.  The ratio of yum per bite is off the hook! But the

Prawn bake with feta & fennel-chilli butter – Dianne Bibby

Prawn bake with feta & fennel-chilli butter – Dianne Bibby Dianne says: "Often the combination of the most unlikely ingredients can turn out to be surprisingly good. Conventional food rules tell us that fish and cheese shouldn’t be seen keeping company on the same plate. Prepare to be charmed by this Prawn bake with crumbly

Trout Spring Rolls & Sweet Chilli Sauce – Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron's Trout Spring Rolls & Sweet Chilli Sauce Trout Spring Rolls Makes: 10 Ingredients 10gr Butter 20ml Sunflower Oil 15ml Sesame Oil 160gr Onion, sliced 140gr Red and/or Yellow Peppers, sliced 8gr Fresh Ginger, grated 3 cloves (15gr) Fresh Garlic, grated 20ml Black or White Sesame Seeds 265gr Cooked Trout, flaked 40ml Kikkoman Soy

Cold Cucumber, Herb & Yoghurt Soup with Verjuice Granita – Jane-Anne Hobbs

Jane-Anne Hobbs's Cucumber & Herb Soup with Verjuice Granita Jane-Anne says, ”When I first wrote this recipe down, I recommended serving it immediately, but I found that its flavour developed and mellowed over the next day, so feel free to make it up to 24 hours in advance (but keep it in the fridge, tightly

Braised Beef in Red Wine & Served with Polenta – Anna & Roberta Montali

Anna & Roberta Montali's Braised Beef in Red Wineserved with polenta Anna & Roberta Montali provide the perfect beef dish to go with the Klein Constantia KC Pinot Noir 2013, not unlike the classic beef casseroles of southern Europe.  But being Italian, they add the polenta - rich and buttery and perfectly gently

Fried chicken & creamy coleslaw sandwich – Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder's Fried Chicken & Creamy Coleslaw Sandwich Cooking time 10 minutes Preparation time 20 minutes Total time 30 minutes Ingredients for the fried chicken Follow the recipe for my Ultimate Fried Chicken, simply substitute boneless chicken breasts (with skin) for chicken pieces. I halved this recipe for these sandwiches, using 4 chicken