Books for Cooks for Christmas – Dine van Zyl’s Potjiekos & Pot-Pourri

Dine van Zyl's Potjiekos & Pot-Pourri I have written before about Dine van Zyl where I suggested that she was a Living National Living Treasure.  She is a curator of traditional Boerekos and heritage foods.  She also promotes the use of Afrikaans, to many a language of great beauty, especially when it is used by

Living National Treasure #101 – Dine van Zyl

Dine van Zyl Potjiekos & Pot-pourri In Japan they have people who are certified as Living National Treasures. These people are anything from ceramicists to woodworkers, paper makers and the well known Kabuki theatre performers. The Living National Treasures are those that preserve important intangible cultural properties. Cuisine, surely, is one of these. Were we

Waterblommetjie Bredie – Dine van Zyl

Dine van Zyl's Waterblommetjiespicked in Robertsonaren't the colours magical? Waterblommetjies Waterblommetjies, to give its botanical name Aponogeton distachyos, is a water hawthorn considered a delicacy by many South Africans.  It grows in farm dams and still river waters in the Western Cape. The young seed heads of the plants are harvested to create

The Great Boerekos Book 2

Dine van Zyl Dine van Zyl must be one of the busiest people around.  Her many books on the subject of food – boerekos in particular - have made her a household name.  If not her books, then certainly the popular KykNet series, “Boerekos met Dine van Zyl” has introduced her to a

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