Top drops #5 from the The Cape Winelands, The Delaire Graff White Reserve 2017…

Top drops from the The Cape Winelands, The Delaire Graff White Reserve 2017

We are blessed with great wines, great winemakers, great places, fabulous restaurants and family friendly places in our Cape Winelands.  Recently I have had the opportunity to taste some sublime wines. This one from the fabulous Delaire Graff Estate. A really fabulous wine and food experience, one of the finest in the country. Here are some sensory notes.

Semillon ripening on the vine

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle with sloping sides. Closed with natural cork. The label is so typical of Delaire Graff, simple and elegant. The wine is a pale golden straw in the glass. The aromas of sweet tropical limes and marzipan. The palate is full and very generous, the oak from the fermentation, is present as a platform on which the Semillon led Sauvignon Blanc Blend with its desiccated pineapple, granadilla and sun – dried apricot. One of my favourite white blends in the style of Bordeaux. Little interesting tail of river stones in the ending.

Dianne Bibby’s Brown butter risotto with exotic mushrooms & chorizo pangrattato crumbs
click for her recipe –

The Delaire Graff White Reserve 2017 is truly serious wine. It is one of great stature and made for fully flavoured dishes. A mushroom risotto with dried porcini and lots of grated Parmigiana Reggiano on top. Perhaps some fresh sardines off the braai? Sounds good to me!

The Delaire Graff Icon Wine Club

The Delaire Graff Icon Wine Club is well worth exploring. The Delaire Graff Icon Wine Club, South Africa’s most exclusive wine membership, offers members an opportunity to savour the unique terroir through a portfolio of wines which rank among the most prestigious in the Southern Hemisphere. As an Icon Member, you gain access to limited edition vintage releases and pre-releases from the Estate’s coveted Icon Range to complete your private wine library.

Morne Vrey in the Delaire Graff Vineyards

For more information on the club or to register your interest in joining please email

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