Liefmans Fruitesse & Fraser Crighton’s Fraser’s Folly Brewers Reserve, a ZA Confidential podcast…

Fraser’s Folly Brewer’s Reserve

For our regular tasting podcast this week, we have defected from wine to beer and I presented to the ZA Confidential Tasting Crew the ‘Liefmans Fruitesse on the Rocks’, a Belgian fruit beer which is as delightful as it is unusual. And then the ‘Frasers Folly’, made by Fraser Crighton on the Black Oystercatcher Wine Estate near Struisbraai.

Liefmans Fruitesse on the Rocks

Guest tasters are star economists Mike Schussler & Chris Hart, South African branding guru Jeremy Sampson, and star economist and TV star, Chris Gilmour. Malcolm MacDonald helped with the technical stuff.

Ben Wren and his delicious Wine-in-a-Can

We also chatted about the merits of wine in cans and boxes.

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