Can we Toque? Excellent Review of Alfie’s Pizzeria in Pretoria by John Fraser

Alfie's Pizzeria, Pretoria John Fraser, Business Editor and Website Owner of ZA Confidential, wrote this piece after a visit to Alfies.  I wanted to board a plane to go and eat there. He said One of my favourite cartoons shows a diner being offered a sprinkle of that horrible fake parmesan you can find. The

Massimo’s Hout Bay – fine Italian food

Massimo & Tracy Orione If you pressed 5 Capetonians to tell you which is their favourite Italian Restaurant, you would probably get 5 different answers. Press me and I till tell you that Massimo’s in Hout Bay is mine by a country mile. Massimo and Tracy Orione run a truly superb operation. Recognised last year