The Laughing Cow & Kiri now made in South Africa…

Laughing Cow and Kiri Media Pack This week I received a more than welcome media package of Laughing Cow and Kiri Cream Cheeses from Errieda du Toit PR. Laughing Cow Cream Cheese is a big favourite in our house where my 2 year old granddaughter calls it ‘COW’.  Good news for locals is that both

Books for Cooks for Christmas – Errieda du Toit’s Tuistafel

Errieda Du Toit's Tuistafel This book has been a long time coming for those of us who love Errieda du Toit. Errieda is content provider for the hugely successful Kokkedoor and Koekedoor Reality Television Cookery programmes for which she wrote four cookery books.  She is a broadcaster each week on her Radio Sonder Grense programme

Books for Cooks for Christmas – Koekedoor 2

Koekedoor 2 There are baking reality shows and there are baking reality shows and there is Koekedoor.  Certainly, a HUGE favourite for me once a week when the two series have been broadcast.  Hundreds of thousands of viewers each week watched the three wonderful and talented judges sitting in judgement over an enchanting group of

Errieda du Toit, Huiskok, preserver of our food heritage

Errieda du ToitHuiskok, preserver of nostalgia food Errieda du Toit, also known as Huiskok, would be overcome with embarrassment if I suggested that she was the brains behind Kokkedoor, the very popular KYKNet television cookery programme which pitted home cook with professional cooks in an extravaganza of heritage, remembrance, nostalgia foods.  She certainly

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