Errieda du Toit’s Share/Saam takes a South African Gourmand Award for Culinary Heritage for her latest masterpiece…

Errieda du Toit with Share

I had a telephone call from Errieda du Toit some months ago telling me that she was producing a new book and asking is she could use a quote from me about her. I did not remember the quote, but it went like this “If I was asked to choose someone to cook with, it would be Errieda. I know the heritage foods will be there, thoroughly modern foods would be there, I know that great flavours will be there and I really know that her generous spirit will be stirred into the food which will star on the plate.” She kindly quotes me in the book.

I knew something was up recently when Errieda, a National Living Treasure in. my opinion asked on Social Media for any old Church or community cookbooks, we all have them on our shelves. To choose which recipes to include must have been a major task in itself. Then to test them all to be sure they work, many of them don’t. Fortunately, Errieda has husband Ian at hand, he is a superb food photographer. As a couple they are formidable.

Share, A century of South African Community Recipes is a gem. A loving look back at the foods our grandmother used to cook and take to church fetes or to give at what in our house was known as a visitors gift, something for visitors to take home, A little packet of butter biscuits, a few rusks, a pound of butter, and sometimes a small Shepherd’s Pie for two, [I’ll get the dish from you when we come and visit.]

Divided into Long live the legends, Foolproof, believe you me, What’s for  Supper tonight, Sweet and Savoury with a tender heart,  What shall I bring, From the fire into the electric frying pan, Pots with passports and Do you remember?

Errieda announced on Facebook this morning that Share and its Afrikaans counterpart Saam, is the winner in South African of the Gourmand World Awards in the category Culinary Heritage. And so it should be. The book now goes on to compete internationally at next year’s Awards.

This is a book you need to have, it is a masterpiece in food, in heritage food and a perfect example of the sort of thing that Errieda does. Perfection every time in all ten of her cookbooks.

Read more about Errieda – CLICK HERE


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