Books for Cooks for Christmas – Errieda du Toit’s Tuistafel

Errieda Du Toit’s Tuistafel

This book has been a long time coming for those of us who love Errieda du Toit.

Errieda is content provider for the hugely successful Kokkedoor and Koekedoor Reality Television Cookery programmes for which she wrote four cookery books.  She is a broadcaster each week on her Radio Sonder Grense programme Huiskok. Her myriad articles in newspapers and magazines, her Facebook and Twitter accounts attract huge numbers and makes one want to lay the table and get at the pots.

Ian & Errieda du Toit

Food Styling and design for the book is done by Errieda and the brilliant photographer by her talented husband Ian.  Roeleen Booyens, a South African artist resident in Taiwan, fills the book with her quirky illustrations.

If I was asked to choose someone to cook with, it would be Errieda.  I know the heritage foods will be there, thoroughly modern foods would be there, I know great flavours will be there and I really know that her generous spirit will be stirred into the food which will star on the plate.

Errieda’s mother Inez, who crocheted the enchanting little flower on my book

This is a loving work, a salute to the home cooked meals so many of us simply don’t prepare any more.  A salute too, to the family sitting round the table talking about the affairs of the day and bonding with laughs and telling the stories of the previous generation.

You’ll want this book.


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