Spier – destination for a day

Spier Manor House

Spier is a wine farm that I have known since the mid 1960s.  One of the old traditional wine farms, then owned by Neil Joubert who was one of the father of the Stellenbosch Wine Route.

Visiting Spier recently, as I am wont to do, I was enchanted by the sights and sounds and goings on.  Here is a photo album of my visit.

Spier’s Avenue of Coral Trees

On arrival I was greeted by Coral Trees

[Erythrina lysistemon] in full bloom. So beautiful and so ephemeral.

Spier might be a destination for  day, wine is a central theme.

Frans Smit, Spier Cellarmaster

The Spier Vineyards

Wine tasting & Platters in the Tasting Lounge

Jacques Erasmus

I was fortunate to have lunch with Spier’s White Wine Maker, Jacques Erasmus. Much awarded and one of the 5 finalists in the Diner’s Club Winemaker of the year for 2016.

Spier’s 21 Gables Chenin Blanc

Jacques brought along some of his 2016 whites which are to be blended into various wines, they were stunning. As indeed is his top notch 21 Gables Chenin Blanc.

The Segway River Bank Tour, complete with guide

As I was standing admiring the Coral Trees I was passed by a group of people on a Segway Tour of the immediate surrounds of the farmstead and the vineyards.

Up close and personal with the Barn Owls

If you have children with you, it is a huge experience in nature and conservation to take them to see the owls where they can get up close and personal.

You can build your own picnic at Eight to Go

You can take it on the lawns in within the farmsteads walls

You could have lunch at PJ Vadas’s Hoghouse BBQ & Bakery

Eight at Spier

Lunch at Spier’s Eight is a must. Based on sustainable food and using the Estate’s beef and chickens and vegetables, organically grown.

Spier Eight’s Sesame Chicken Salad

The Spier Hotel like a little village

If the day is long and you need a sleepover, The Spier Hotel offers more than a touch of luxury.

A bedroom in The Spier Hotel

With the happy hols upon us, Spier is a fine destination with much to offer.

Read more about Spier – click here


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