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Douglas Green Spanish Cream Sherry

I have been berserk about Spanish Sherry ever since a visit to Jerez in December 1968. There were still woven mats with desiccating grapes on top of them for a sweet sherry. The whole process from the harvesting of the Palomino grape, to the bottle is such a fascinating one, and to me simply inventing a wine like this is a total wonderment.

Ajo Blanco, the white Gazpacho from Southern Spain

Sherry is not as popular in South Africa as it should be. Perfect as an aperitif for a summer’s lunch, with dishes like a chilled, Ajo Blanco, Spain’s white Gazpacho, so popular in Southern Spain, the home of Sherry. It loves a silky-smooth chicken or duck liver paté. Sherry is so good with a slice of plain vanilla cake.

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