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Pierre Jourdan Cap Classique Brut

One of the great pioneers and proponents of the Champagne style of wine production using a second fermentation in the bottle, is Achim van Arnim of the Haute Cabrière Wine Estate in the Franschhoek Wine Appellation.

If you need help moving furniture, Takuan is your man pbviously

His son Takuan, is now the Cellarmaster. While this wine started it all off, Takuan has produced several new innovations. A demi-sec Cap Classique, some new red blends and a superb unwooded Chardonnay.

With a fabulous restaurant, sublime wines and a ‘well-worth-the-visit’ Restaurant with Nic van Wyk behind the stove, a bakery, Haute Cabrière is an Estate offering great hospitality.

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