Cappupino Ccinotage! Boland Cellar’s answer to your ‘Coffee’ Pinotage, good with Nadia Graves’s Baked pasta with sausage, sage & butternut…

Boland Cellars Cappupino Ccinotage

Boland Cellars in Paarl, widely recognised in the wine world for its quality tradition of almost 80 years, received a top honour at the 23rd Michelangelo International Wine Awards in October last year. I was so happy to be at the Awards Ceremony when the unique Boland Cellars Cappupino Ccinotage received a platinum medal as the overall winner in the category for ‘Best Coffee Pinotage’.

French Oak Staves used for maturing this wine

Having achieved much success in the 2019 ‘Ultra Value Wines’ Competition, The Michelangelo Award was the crowning glory for the Cellar. The Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards is South Africa’s top independent international wine competition, judged by a tasting panel of globally recognised wine experts.

The wonderful combination of the lusciously berried Pinotage and the high toasted oak French oak staves on which the wine was matured before fermentation was complete, lead to the Coffee & Berry flavours loved by so many. Elegant soft wood tannins are extracted resulting in a well balanced wine in which the oak supports the lush fruit. After malolactic fermentation has taken place the wines are blended and prepared for bottling.

The generosity of Pinotage

From a Burgundy shaped dark green bottle, closed with a red screw cap. The label in gold and red proclaims the unusual name of this wine. In the glass, the wine is a gem bright bloodplum at the heart which pales out to ruby at the edges. The aromas and flavours are all intertwined with layer upon layer of berries and cherries. The French oak adds its support with notes of a fine cup of Mocha Java. Lingering finish of berries and cream sprinkled with ground coffee beans. An amusing glass, very easy to drink on its own.

Nadia Graves’s Baked pasta with sausage, sage & butternut

The Boland Cellars Cappupino Ccinotage would like to be slightly chilled before drinking. It is a a delicious glass on its own and a great partner to so many foods. Even Chocolate Mousse! Nadia Graves’s Baked pasta with sausage, sage and butternut is a lovely autumnal midweek supper dish. Click HERE for Nadia’s Recipe.

Nadia Graves, dog walking in Southern France, where she lives

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