My Very Easy Bread…

My Very Easy Bread

After having baked a number of different breads [and Banana loaves] over the last weeks and had a sourdough starter die on me on day four, I find that this variation on many recipes really works well.

What you’ll need for My Very Easy Bread
500ml blood warm water
1 tsp sugar
10g dry yeast [usually one packet]
500g stone ground brown wheat flour
1 tsp salt

Good crust, good crumb

What you’ll do
Prepare a 130mm by 230mm loaf tin by placing a piece of baking paper on the greased base and spray with a non stick baking spray. In the bowl of an electric mixer pour the water and add the sugar. Pour in the yeast and whisk gently to mix well. Cover with a tea towel and leave for about 15 minutes or so as the yeast will froth up.  Add the flour and the salt. Using the K shaped beater, mix the dough and beat for at least two minutes. The batter will be soft. Pour into the loaf tin and allow to stand, covered with a tea towel, for about 45 minutes as the dough rises up to the edge at the top. 25 minutes in, set the oven on 200C with the shelf in the middle. When the dough has risen, place in the oven and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. I find that around 35 minutes is sufficient. Remove from the oven. If it sounds hollow when tapped on the base, it is done. You can return it to the oven out of the tin for about 5 – 8 minutes for the crust to crisp up. I usually wrap the loaf in a tea towel to cool as it keeps the crust soft. Allow to get quite cold before slicing.

Makes one loaf.

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