Landskroon Wine Estate Pinotage 2017, the wine for a classical Burgundian egg dish, Oeufs en Meurette…

Landskroon Wine Estate Pinotage 2017

There is one red wine grape that is as South African as boerekos and braai. Incidentally two dishes which suit Pinotage down to a T. The De Villiers Family are South Africans too, the three brothers having arrived here from La Rochelle in France, as French Huguenots, on 6th May 1689. The family has a proud history, all South African De Villiers’s are descended from two of those three brothers. 5 generations ago, the De Villiers descendants bought Landskroon. A beautiful wine Estate on the slopes of the Paarl Mountain facing Table Mountain. The Landskroon Pinotage 2017 follows the tradition of the family with 5th generation Paul de Villiers as Cellarmaster, with his brother and cousins owning and managing the Estate

Pinotage Grapes ripening on the vine

The grapes for the Landskroon Wine Estate Pinotage 2017 are from the Estate which is situated in the Paarl Wine Appellation. Harvested at the perfect point of ripeness, the grapes are delivered to the cellar to Paul and Winemaker Michiel du Toit for destalking and gentle crushing. The mash is taken to both open and closed top stainless steel fermenting tanks. After the fermentation, both alcoholic and malolactic the wine is race to maturation in barrel for a year. The mix of barrels is interesting, with some new, some second fill and some third fill French and America oak barrels. The French oak adding its gravitas and the white American oak its vanilla character. The wine is then prepared for bottling.

The Landskroon Barrel Cellar

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is classic Landskroon, depicting the farm gates. In the glass, the wine is a deep opaque bloodplum at the heart which pales out to a youthful purple tinged garnet. The aromas are Pinotage, the raspberry from the Pinot Noir parent and the rustic plums and roadside brambles from the Hermitage [now Cinsaut] parent. From entry, there is a deliciousness of a red and black fruit and their concomitant acidity which runs through to the long and gently waning aftertaste. The wine is just this side of full bodied and fills the mid palate with a vibrant burst of bright fruit. Soft. On the palate with the tannins perfectly interwoven. Nice glass, made for now drinking, and while eminently accessible now, would be happy with a year or two of cool cellaring with which it will reward you.

Oeufs en Meurette

The Landskroon Wine Estate Pinotage 2017 is at its best when it is slightly chilled. The interesting thing about Pinotage, in my opinion is that it will go with almost any food type. It shines at a braai, brilliant with boerekos, bobotie and at this time of the year, a Waterblommetjie Bredie. You might like to try Oeufs en Meurette, a classical Burgundian dish of eggs poached in red wine and beef stock. Click here for my recipe.

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