Landskroon Cinsaut 2019, so good with Nadia Graves’s Chicken with chorizo, potatoes, chickpeas & lemons…

Landskroon Cinsaut 2019

Cinsaut is a grape that fortunately is coming back into fashion. It is quite an important grape in South Africa for it was used by Abraham Perold in the mid 1920s to cross with Pinot Noir to create Pinotage.

Paul de Villiers, 5th Generation Cellarmaster

Once harvested the grapes are destemmed and crushed and taken to closed fermentation tanks. Here a small percentage of juice was drawn off to allow a greater ration of skin to juice and then better concentration of flavours and colour. Once fermentation was complete, the grapes were pressed and the wine spent time on French Oak Staves, before being prepared for bottling.

Cinsaut on the vine large loosely packed bunches

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with a black screw cap. The livery is the very elegant ‘new’ Landskroon look. In the glass, the wine is am almost translucent cherry red, brightshining. The aromas are classical Cinsaut. Country lane fruits like roadside brambles, mulberries and forest floor fraises des bois. The palate from entry into the long and gently waning aftertaste. It has flavours, the berries perceived in the aromas melded with a good acidity and soft tannins. An excellent glass, ready for drinking now. It will reward with up to two years of cool cellaring.

Nadia Graves’s Chicken with chorizo, potatoes, chickpeas & lemons

The Landskroon Cinsaut 2019 is a lovey sipping wines, especially when lightly chilled. Made for food, Nadia Graves’s Chicken with chorizo, potatoes, chickpeas & lemons is an utterly delicious tray bake partner with a difference. Click HERE for her recipe.

Nadia Graves, dog walking in her village in Southern France

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