De Wetshof Finesse 2019, Carey Boucher Erasmus’s Focaccia is a great partner…

De Wetshof Finesse 2019

The De Wets of De Wetshof Estate in the Robertson Wine Valley are Chardonnay Specialists. They also make utterly sublime wines with other varieties, both red and white. Their Chardonnays are mainly site specific and each is treated separately in the terms of Cellar techniques to produce the perfect expression of the grape in a particular wine. The Limestone Hill Chardonnay is unoaked, the fruit having enough oomph in itself not to need any support from French Oak Barrels. The Finesse is delicately oak which provides the perfect platform on which the fruit can shine.

The Three De Wetshof Musketeers, Johann de Wet CEO, Peter de Wet Winemaker, & Bennie Stipp Marketing Director

The grapes for the De Wetshof Finesse 2019 are harvested by hand early in the morning when the vineyards are still cool from the night air. This retains the natural flavours of these fine grapes, the citrus and the hazelnuts. Once in the cellar, Peter de Wet and his winemaking team destalk, crush and gently press the Chardonnay grapes and allow the juice to cool settle overnight. The juice is then racked off into first, second and third fill French oak barrels from the Radoux Cooperage in Jonzac, in Cognac country in France. Christian Radoux, a family friend, personally selects barrels for the Estate.

De Wetshof Chardonnay just harvested

From a vine leaf green Burgundy shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The livery is simple elegant and has the Cape Vintners Classification emblem around the top. In the glass, the wine is a golden straw colour with youthful lime green flashes when held up to the light. The aromas are of citrus, supported by oak. With a golden thread of fruit acidity running from entry, through the generous ripe white peach, windfall orange, and sweet tropical lime mid palate and the long waning aftertaste, the wine is just so satisfying. It is eminently drinkable now, though will reward you after a couple of years of cool cellaring.

Carey Boucher Erasmus Focaccia

The De Wetshof Finesse 2019 is a wine for all times. No quaffer this, it is meant for serious sipping as a mid-morning refresher, or at sundown. It performs beautifully as an aperitif which will lead you into a meal. Perhaps as a pre braai snack, Carey Boucher Erasmus’s Focaccia is a great partner. Click here for her recipe.

Carey Boucher Erasmus and me, a couple of years ago, she is in Kuwait now, and I am in Johannesburg

The Lion of De Wetshof, Danie de Wet

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