Wine Menu awaits your call, Corlien Morris has a fabulous wine selection, Johannesburg…

Corlien Morris of Wine Menu

Corlien has a fabulous array of sublime wines of offer at her store Wine Menu at 3 Desmond, Corner Appel & Desmond, Kramerville, Sandton. Corlien is requesting people to get their order is as soon as possible. She told me that “This is Black Friday on steroids.” And that “I want people to understand the logistical issues that will definitely come up next week. The courier companies are going to be very busy. She also says, “If you are completely dry at home, please pop in to buy a few bottles to tide you over and place a nice order for delivery when things are a bit calmer.”

Corlien’s Well Stocked Shelves

The thing that I like about Corlien is that she was born in Ceres and spent time working in the wine industry , in media and having an interest in a specialist wine shop in Cape Town before coming to Johannesburg some years ago. She knows the winemakers, the old established ones and the Young Turks and small batch makers.

Contact Corlien at 011 440 5498 or email her at

See her fabulous Wine Selection  – CLICK HERE

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