De Wetshof Estate Finesse Chardonnay 2019, so good with Ina Paarman’s Old Fashioned Chicken Pie…

De Wetshof Estate Finesse Chardonnay 2019

Finesse is an excellent choice of name for this wine from De Wetshof Wine Estate, a discreetly oaked Chardonnay. The vines from which the grapes are hand harvested range in age from 15 to 24 years and are on a six wire trellis system.  The soils, classic Robertson dirt are made up of limestone with rocky gravel and clay, perfect for Chardonnay, perfect for wine grapes and also for the breeding of fine racehorses. Irrigation is computerized and applied only when necessary.

The formidable De Wet Family, Chardonnay Specialists
from right, Danie & Lesca, Johann & Gera, and Peter

Once in the cellar, the grapes for the De Wetshof Estate Finesse Chardonnay 2019 are removed from the stalks, then gently pressed and cool settled out overnight. The juice us then racked off from the settlings into French oak barrels, a mix of first, second and third fill barrels. These barrels come from the Radoux Cooperage in France and are specially selected for the De Wets by the owner M Christian Radoux. The wine rests here for 8 to 10 months before being allowed to lie in the barrels on the lees gathering flavour and texture. The blend is then made up and the wine is prepared for bottling.

The De Wetshof Barrel Cellar

From a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is simple classical De Wetshof. On the neck there is a ring on which the letters CVC stand. This is the Cape Vintner Classification, an important group of Wine Producers. Read more HERE.

In the glass the wine is a pale golden amber in colour. The aromas virtually jump out of the glass, citrus, hazelnuts, marzipan. These carry through on to the palate which is complex, generous and full. A golden thread of refreshing fruit acidity runs through from entry to the long and gently waning aftertaste.

Ina Paarman’s Old Fashioned Chicken Pie

The De Wetshof Estate Finesse Chardonnay 2019 should not be served too cold as it will show better. Not a quaffer, but a serious wine to be sipped on its own before a meal or at sundown. Plenty of oomph, enough for lamb or veal. Perfect with a buttery roast organic chicken, or Ina Paarman’s Old Fashioned Chicken Pie. Click here for her recipe.

The indomitable Ina Paarman in her gorgeous garden

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