David Higgs – chef extraordinaire with a generous heart…

David Higgs

I first met David Higgs in 1993 when we were about to open our restaurant, Parks, in Cape Town. I was having trouble working with foie gras, as I had never worked with it before. I took my chef and we met David at his then place of work. He spent at least an hour with us showing us exactly what to do. I have never forgotten that generosity as I have watched him go into the stratosphere in his career, in the Cape Winelands and now in Gauteng.

Saint Restaurant Sandton

David has closed his two restaurants, Marble and Saint during the period of lockdown, as have many of our friends. We pray that all of them come through this, and we will have to support them wholeheartedly when they reopen.

Go to davidhiggschef on Instagram

In the meantime, David is doing some fabulous teaching videos on Instagram. I love watching the videos, as I find the recipes themselves are so focused on home cooking, his vegetable curry a couple of days ago was a treat.

David Higgs’s Mile 8 – a book about cooking

David has written a book called Mile 8, which he refers to as a ‘book about cooking.’ David is currently selling his book for R400 the income of which will go to the Staff Fund to help them over lockdown. This is such a fabulous uncheffy book, filled with such utterly delicious dishes for the home cook. No pretentiousness, just plain food fun. Perfect way for you to support a great cause.

Read more about David and buy the book here – CLICK HERE


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