Arnim Family Réserve 2018, an Haute Cabrière Wine, so good with Jane Anne Hobbs’s South African Steak Kebabs with a Monkey-Gland Dipping Sauce…

Arnim Family Réserve 2018

The von Arnim Family have owned Haute Cabrière Wine Estate for nearly 40 years. Patriarch Achim von Arnim has always been and innovator and pioneer, and early adopter of wine style, one of which is the Champagne styled wine, now known a Méthode Cap Classique and the first winemaker to produce a Blanc de Noir. Just looking at the current list of wines from the estate, there are many ‘firsts’ or ‘early adopters. Takuan von Arnim, the current Cellarmaster constantly watches wine drinking trends and gets in early with his wines which will appeal to his many fans.

Syrah, major grape in this blend

With this wine, he has chosen a blend of ‘predominantly’ Syrah and Pinot Noir opening up a new chapter in his search for new ideas, initiating new market niches and blending classic wines. The Syrah, a bold spicy grape with great tannins, and the Pinot Noir combine forces each supporting the other with fabulous red berry fruit, superbly handled tannin extraction, and the undertow of fine French oak in which the wine matured for 18 months.

Takuan von Arnim, Haute Cabrière Cellarmaster

From a Burgundy shaped bottle and closed with natural cork. The label is in the classic Haute Cabrière style. In the glass the wine is a rich plum at the ore which pale out to a purple tinged ruby at the rim. The aromas are of a concentration of berry fruits, spices and an undertow of the well applied oak. The palate is rich and generous with its blackcurrant, mulberry and crushed roadside fennel seeds. New? Exciting? Yes! A truly impressive glass, eminently drinkable now. It will reward after a couple of years of cool cellaring.

Jane Anne Hobbs’s Monkey Gland Steak Kebabs

The Arnim Family Réserve 2018 is a wine made for well prepared food. It is also a glass for after dinner when philosophising about the affairs of the world. It will go as well with your traditional Sunday Roast and its accompaniments as it will with a delicious mid-week supper dish, or a pre-supper snack like Jane Anne Hobbs’s South African Steak Kebabs with a Monkey-Gland Dipping Sauce. Click HERE for the recipe.

Jane-Anne Hobbs, food specialist

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