Rickety Bridge The Printers’ Devil Belphegor 2017, a ZA Confidential Podcast…

Rickety Bridge; The Printers’ Devil Belphegor 2017

Happier days are here again, now that the lockdown in SA has eased, and we can once more purchase our favourite or soon to be favourite wines.

The Rickety Bridge Barrel Cellar

This podcast was recorded before the lockdown, and now it is lifted, we must rally to support the formidable wine industry in the Cape, which brings so much pleasure.

For our latest podcast, I introduced a lovely Cape red,  Rickety Bridge The Printers’ Devil Belphegor 2017. The blend is 90% Cinsault with the balance Cabernet Sauvignon.

Rickety Bridge Manor House

The tasting panel was made up by some old favourites, ZA Confidential Owner, John Fraser, South African Branding  Expert Jeremy Sampson, Analyst Chris Gilmour and our resident IT expert, Malcolm MacDonald who kindly handles the technical side of these podcasts.

There was also a useful discussion on the delights – and perils – of ordering wine by the glass.

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