Valentine’s Day Podcast #15, Pierre Jourdan Belle Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé…

Pierre Jourdan Belle Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé

Takuan von Arnim takes the range of his Pierre Jourdan Méthode Cap Classique Wines to another level with his Pierre Jourdan Belle Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé, a non vintage, all singing, all dancing Pinot Noir with the slightest edge of sweetness. Setting a new trend for this style of wine.

Takuan von Arnim, Cellarmaster at Haute Cabrière, tastig Pinot Noir form a French Oak Barrel

The Haute Cabrière Wine Estate up the Franschhoek Pass is the home of the Pierre Jourdan Wines  and also of an excellent restaurant, where nationally know chef, Nic van Wyk works his magic. There is also a bakery which the locals have discovered and now collect their croissants in the morning and have a cup of coffee enjoying the Alpine views of the Franschhoek Mountains and the Valley below.

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Nic van Wyk, chef at Haute Cabrière Wine Estate

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