Top drops #7 from Spain, Douglas Green Spanish Sherry Pale Cream No 1…

Douglas Green Spanish Sherry Pale Cream No 1, No 2 & No 3

Douglas Green started his wine company in 1942. It is still going strong today, bringing fine wines to customers at evenhanded prices. A couple of years ago, the company imported Sherry from Spain from a Bodega that won the Best Sherry in the World – in other words Spain.

A Palomino bush vine

My never ending love affair with Sherry started in the late 1960s when I visited Jerez in Sherry country in Southern Spain.  Sherry is a unique product like Port, Champagne and other products which have geographic indicators.

Flor yeast floating on top like a duvet adding its wonderful flavours to the ageing Sherry

From a classical dark Sherry bottle closed with a black screw cap. The label clearly states its Spanish origin – it was made by a premier Sherry Producer in Jerez. Made from Palomino grapes and in the glass is a classical golden wine aged in barrels in Criadera and Solero.  The aromas are nutty and yeasty with whiffs of desiccated grapes. It is full and rich, its palate generosity is just spectacular.

The Riedel Sommelier Sherry Glass, my favourite
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The Douglas Green Spanish Sherry Pale Cream No 1 is just the perfect glass, on the rocks before a meal, or perhaps leading into it with a cold slightly creamy asparagus or mushroom cream. I always like to serve it in a generous wine glass, rather than a teensy sherry glass you can’t get your nose into. Serve it well chilled. It is soft and fragrant – must admit, I am berserk for sherry – lovely tastes of baked stone fruits and quince. Tapas with Sherry is a brilliant pre-dinner snack.

Pale Cream Sherry & Iberico Ham on some fine bread

If you have not had Sherry before, I beg of you to try it, so delicious, fresh and so different. Not only for when the Padre comes to visit after tea.

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