The nights are cool and Dianne Bibby’s Sticky Fig and Walnut Pudding is the perfect partner to Durbanville Hills The Honey Bee Noble Late Harvest 2018…

Dianne Bibby’s Sticky Fig and Walnut Pudding

I love Dianne Bibby’s work. Her book and her e-book are such a joy and books that I dip into frequently. She gets not only huge flavours, but great texture. Well worth a follow on her website and also to get het social media feed.

Her Sticky Fig and Walnut Pudding is such a typical South African dessert, rich, sweet saucy and begging to be served with ice cream.

Get Dianne’s recipe – CLICK HERE. Have a look too at her book and e-book which you can purchase from her website – CLICK HERE.

Dianne Bibby, one of my favourite Johannesburg Food People

Durbanville Hills The Honey Bee Noble Late Harvest 2018

Here is a truly sublime wine. Available only from the Winery, which is a short run from the centre of Cape Town. Soon we will be allowed to buy wine again. A drive out there is no hardship, and the food offering there is award winning stuff.

Sauvignon Blanc in the hands of the harvester

The wine is made from one of the highest Sauvignon Blanc South facing vineyard blocks in the valley, surrounded by indigenous Cape fynbos. The mists in late Summer create the ideal conditions for the noble rot, Botrytis Cinerea to affect the grapes.

The grapes were hand harvested and the best bunches were selected with a mix of green and yellow berries with 40% clean raisin and botrytis berries in between. The fruit was sorted at the cellar and fed directly into the press to improve drainage through the stems. The free-run juice was allowed to drain and later returned to the mash for an 18-hour period to increase extraction of the Botrytis character from the raisined berries. The juice was drained after this period and lightly pressed to the fermentation tank. The juice was inoculated after a lengthy rehydration of the yeast to ensure that the yeast was tolerant enough for the higher sugar levels. The must was allowed to ferment between 18°C -20°C for six days, after which the fermentation was stopped at the desired sugar level. The wine was then prepared for bottling.

Kobus Gerber, Durbanville Hills White Wine Specialist

From a 350ml Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. Elegant pretty label as befits the wine. In the glass, the wine is a gem bright golden amber. The aromas are of soft dried apricots, fynbos honey and figs. The wine is full bodied, unctuous. The palate has the flavours of the aromas. There is a golden thread of acidity running through from entry into the long and harmonious aftertaste. Serve well chilled, with Dianne Bibby’s Sticky Fig and Walnut Pudding, so good.

The Tangram, the Winery’s Award Winning Restaurant

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