Two Oceans Red Wine Black Forest Milkshake Treat

Carey Boucher-Erasmus's Red Wine Milkshake Treat A dessert that doubles as a drink is not only ideal for something different it can also be incredibly easy! Shake things up at your next dinner party with this effortless, yet incredibly luxurious adult milkshake prepared with Two Oceans’ wines and created by Carey Boucher-Erasmus, the mastermind and

Romazava – Natasha Willams

Natasha Williams, Two Oceans Winemaker "My mother's family is originally from Madagascar,” says Two Oceans winemaker Natasha Williams. Her grandfather on her mother’s side came to South Africa in the early part of the 20th century. "My dad's family has a far longer history at the Cape, stretching back as far as anyone

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