Delaire Graff Chef Michael Deg continues to shine

Michael Deg, Executive Chef at Delaire Graff Restaurant When announcements are made for national restaurant competitions, Top Tens, The Best in the Land, or whatever, I am always surprised not to see Michael Deg’s name on the list. Here is a young chef who is passionate and dedicated and talented, who for me rises above

Delaire Graff Summercourt Chardonnay 2015, and a visit to the Delaire Graff Restaurant – 06.01.2017

Delaire Graff Summercourt Chardonnay 2015 We recently visited Delaire Graff for a wine tasting of Morné Vrey’s wonderful wines, with Johann Laubser, the Estate’s General Manager.  We returned there for tasting and lunch at his invitation with our children on the day before Christmas. The view from the Delaire Graff Restaurant One of the wines