Survivor Swartland Syrah 2019 launches first full-blooded Swartland Syrah…

Survivor Swartland Syrah 2019

Survivor, the unbridled range of terroir driven wines, has released its first thoroughbred Swartland Syrah. A tribute to the feisty Nguni cow that stands proud on every bottle, Survivor Syrah 2019 is a true expression of the hardy Swartland.

Survivor Wines winemaker Ben Snyman

“Our single minded focus on crafting terroir specific wines that express their true sense of place and authenticity is the hallmark of our 100% Swartland Survivor Syrah,” says winemaker Ben Snyman, adding that the Swartland is best suited for wines with big, bold flavours.

Shiraz grapes ripening on the vine

For me, this wine captures the spirit of Africa’s indigenous Nguni, big bold and grounded. Wonderful deep bloodplum in the glass which pales out to ruby at the edges. The aromas are classical Syrah from a low yielding vineyard. Black berries and cherries, spiced plums. From entry, the wine is rich and full. The palate has a lovely line of sour cherry acidity, which runs through the mid palate and into the long and gently waning aftertaste. The wine is generous in the mid palate, a full-bodied layered wine the fruit, purple flowers and the oak with its concomitant spices and vanilla. The wine glides over the palate in perfect harmony, the fruit, the acidity, the oak and the silken tannins.

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“Made with exceptional fruit from low-yielding vineyards, our Swartland Syrah will wow you with its complexity and craftsmanship,” says Snyman who enjoys the wine with barbecue chicken, spicy stir-fry pork, leg of lamb or spareribs on the braai.

Standing proud in its regal bottle sealed with a bold orange cap, there is nothing shy about this intrepid wine. Survivor Syrah 2019 is available at a cellar door price of R200. For online purchases visit

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